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IT Network

The Market Leader of Quality On-site Information Technology Expositions
Sunday, February 28th, 2021 - 10:54 AM

Services of IT Network

IT Network provides information technology vendors with focused, onsite technology expositions in some of the most lucrative technology markets available.

The US federal government is the single largest purchaser of information technology in the world and we provide several exhibit opportunities each year at some of the most important military and civilian locations in the United States.

The Education market is another huge purchaser of information technology and we work with school districts, colleges and universities to provide those organizations and institutions with targeted expositions.

With information technology changing so quickly, these onsite programs are a very effective way to keep IT personnel up to date with all the latest products and services. Vendors get valuable face to face time with new contacts and existing customers. The benefits of these onsite expositions are numerous.

Hosting An Exposition at Your Site

Any organization that uses information technology products and services in their daily operation can host an exposition...IM Directorates and Divisions, Information Technology Centers, User Groups and others. These shows are easy to host and require very little of your time. You can get as involved as your time permits.

What are the benefits of hosting a technology expo at your facility?

The benefits of hosting a show at your facility are unprecedented. They can help you with your procurement decisions and can help you identify and evaluate the products and services you need to meet your IT requirements. Hosting your own exposition will:

  • Provide you with the ability to show leadership and direction in the field of technology for your organization
  • Enable decision-makers, users, evaluators and purchasers to have hands-on access to the latest technologies and services your organization needs to evaluate for procurement
  • Develop and/or expand existing relationships with vendors
  • Eliminate travel expenses for attending larger trade shows in convention centers
  • Increase productivity and work-time because the exposition is right at your facility
Plus, a targeted, professional show can be a great addition to an annual IT Conference or Training Class currently held at your organization! We can also arrange to have technology briefings covering topics selected by you as part of your program.

IT Network will manage all of the logistics, coordinate with all participating vendors, develop all promotional materials - basically handle all aspects of producing the expo!!!